Secure Hosting – Full Cabinet

Provided within highly resilient data centre space as either rack space or caged area with redundant power supplies


Telewire cabinets offering allows customer to run their equipment from a secure and resilient computing environment with maximum physical security provided by a lockable 19” cabinet. Telewire supplied cabinets are installed in hot and cold aisles for maximum cooling efficiency. Power and data cabling are provided via the raised base.

  • 600mm x 1000mm, or 800mm x 1000mm (width x depth)
  • 47 Rack Units (RU) EIA usable rack space (1U = 44.45mm)
  • Rigid steel frame construction with four 19” fully adjustable mounting posts
  • Manufactured to ICE60297, BS60950-1-2002 and EIA-310-D standards.
  • Perforated curved steel doors at front and rear with 80% air throughput
  • Lockable doors (front and rear) with 3 digit combination lock.
  • Solid curved roof panel secured from the inside
  • Locked side panels
  • Master key held by Telewire
  • Colour: Grey White to RAL 9002, except black when adding to any Computer
  • Equipment Rooms already with predominantly black cabinets
  • Raised Access Floor technology (RAFt) plinth mount for stability
  • RAFt Base Brush strip (two brushes)
  • 1 x Clean Earth connection
  • Dual 32 Amp power supplies from separate resilient power distribution units
  • Dual Vertical Power bars with 21x IEC-320-C13 and 3x IEC-320-C19 outlets each)
  • 12 ports RJ-45 CAT 6 patch panel
  • Power bar availability monitoring and reporting 24*7
  • Power consumption reporting via the Data centre Portal

Telewire Secure Hosting cabinet provides a high quality, cost effective solution for installation of customer’s rack mounted equipment. The cabinet has been designed to compliment operations and infrastructure at All UK Data Centres.

  • Dual Horizontal Power bars with 16x IEC-320-C13 outlets (each)
  • Three phase power feeds with inline metering
  • Infrastructure cabling specific 800 x 1000 cabinets
  • Fibre optic patch panels for Singlemode and/or Multimode fibre
  • Additional CAT 6 patch panels
  • CAT6 Patch leads & IEC power cables in various lengths
  • Horizontal and Vertical Cable Management trays
  • Three point locking
Service requirements

Cabinets, power and cabling are provided by SunGard, to ensure that the technology centre remains at the same consistently high standard 
There are maximum power draws for individual cabinets – 5kVA at LTC and TC2, 8kVA at TC3, 4kVA at TC4